Culture Preservation


Common to all people is the desire to live free from oppression, pain and sorrow and to achieve abundance, health and joy. The Kailash Foundation is supported by individuals who support these basic rights for all people, especially with a focus on the plight of the Tibetans. Numerous successes have encouraged the Kailash Foundation to continue its meaningful work. Twenty years after its founding, our vital mission remains the same—and continues to inspire and sustain us--as we move forward to reinforce the cultivation of a constructive, resonant and dynamic Tibetan society, and to educate and spread global healing through homeopathy. Watching dreams actualize is still our motivating force.
Tibetan Culture
Make a difference in the lives of Tibetan youngsters and their communities.
Meet Norbu, 11 and Tsetang, 10. Kailash Foundation supports them and other Tibetan refugees in Deyang Monastery, South India, under the auspices of the Kuten La, the Nechung State Oracle to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
We fear that the (precious) Tibetan culture will be erased completely due to the forceful overtaking by the Chinese government and the Red Army 50 years ago, and the infiltration of Chinese people in Tibet. With your help we hope to ensure that they will survive and their culture will prosper and endure.
Support the Tibetan people and help us achieve our goal. We need your help!
Please consider a donation of any amount. Visit the following profiles and stay connected: Facebook , LinkedIn
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